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What is Glarity Mode?

Glarity Mode is an extension that offers users a new AI-enhanced linking service, allowing users to access more stable AI services in addition to their existing ChatGPT and OpenAI key.

Glarity harnesses a variety of AI models to provide advanced AI-assisted services.

How to Register & Subscribe to Glarity Mode?

  1. After you have exhausted your anonymous trial quota, you can log in to your Glarity account to receive monthly free tokens. Click "Sign in now" to access the account registration and login page, as shown in the image below.

  1. Create your own Glarity account to enjoy Glarity services better. (We recommend using your Google account for convenient authorization, eliminating the need for a password.) (Note: Glarity is a product under felo.ai, so you can use your felo.ai account for service.)

  1. In the Glarity extension settings or on the Pricing page, you can view your current plan and upgrade to a more suitable one at any time. Click "Upgrade Now" to start your subscription.

  1. Glarity partners with the world's leading payment service provider, Stripe, to offer subscription services, ensuring the security of your funds and service experience.

  1. After successfully binding your card and subscribing, you can enjoy Glarity Pro/Plus services.

How to Use Your Discount Code When Subscribing to Glarity Plan?

  1. If you have a discount code(promotion code) : Choose your subscription plan and proceed to the checkout page. You will find an option to enter your discount code (promotion code) , as shown in the image below.

  1. Enter your discount code (promotion code) and click "Apply". If your code is valid, the subscription price will be adjusted accordingly.

Please Note:

  1. Different from free Redeem Code, discount codes for subscription plans should not be used interchangeably.

  2. The discount level may vary for codes obtained during different promotions.

  3. Discount codes are not case-sensitive.

  4. Each discount code has specific usage conditions, so please pay attention to the details provided in different promotional materials.

  5. If you unsubscribe after using a discount code, only the actual paid amount will be refunded.

If you have any questions or suggestions while using Glarity, please feel free to contact us. Glarity is here to support you anytime.

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