💛Glarity Plan FAQs


Q: What are the differences between the Glarity Plan and the chatgpt/openai key model?

A: The Glarity Plan offers greater stability and speed compared to the chatgpt/openai key model. It also supports longer text and video summarization, and is capable of handling multiple summarization tasks simultaneously. In the future, the Glarity Plan will include additional exclusive features.

Q: Why does the token consumption exceed the word count of the text?

A: The token consumption comprises two components: the queries made to the AI and the content returned by the AI. This includes not only the text but also some portions of instructional content. Therefore, it consumes more tokens than what is calculated based solely on the text.


質問:Glarity Planとchatgpt/openai keyモデルにはどのような違いがありますか?

回答:Glarity Planは、より安定しており、より高速です。さらに、より長いテキストやビデオの要約をサポートしており、複数の要約タスクを同時に処理できます。 今後、Glarity Planにはさらに専用の機能が追加される予定です。



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